The discipline that a martial arts student should possess and develop.

Here I am primarily talking to students studying martial arts. There is a disciplinary system inherent in martial arts. We call it its code of ethics (Rei Gi). But what I am talking about here is an explanation under this heading of a few simple things that we all know that goes beyond Ray Gi.
I will explain the first example in relation to the covid 19 epidemic that we all have these days.
Many martial arts students have been gaining weight unnecessarily in recent days due to living at home, overeating and lack of training.
For this reason, as I said above, “discipline” in sports applies.
A martial artist, a trainer, should never eat too greedily. He or she must maintain some self-discipline in their eating habits.
Self-discipline should be maintained not only for food but also for sleep and beverages.
When it comes to drinking, if you are an adult or an alcoholic (it is a good idea not to drink) it is very important that you do so within your limits (Responsible drinking of alcohol). You also need to maintain self-discipline so that you do not become ridiculed in front of others and your social status is degraded.
Beyond that, one must maintain self-discipline in order to maintain good physical health. If you get hurt by your unwanted activism and you have to stay in one place, you can lose everything you have gained through years of hard training.
Therefore, you need to maintain self-discipline to protect your personal safety from accidents.
And if you are a student or an adult, you need to act responsibly so that you do not get into unnecessary trouble in society. If you are involved in any anti-social activities, the society will highlight you and the action you have taken with the martial artist you are studying more than any other normal person. There you make a mark on your teachers, the fighting style you are learning and everyone else out there.
Martial arts should always be used to support personal and social development. Championships and you can use that art properly when needed. But it does not have to be your fault. As most of us know, “There is no first attack (strike) in karate” (karate ni sente nashi). This is what the ancient teachers said.
And if you are a martial artist, especially a black belt, you need to do your education properly (book related or professional level) and maintain your self-discipline to do a good job. The reason is that you are first identified in society by what you say and do. If there are very good professionals in the martial arts, you will bring fame to that art, to your teachers, to the martial arts you have learned. It can give you a positive, positive attitude towards martial arts in the society .

To accomplish this you need to maintain self-discipline to keep your education functioning properly.
You also need to maintain self-discipline in order to maintain a good financial position. Otherwise, if you fail financially, society will link the responsibility for that failure to the sculptor you are studying. If you are successful, you can be very proud and talk about the support you have received for your economy through martial arts as an example to others. What I want to emphasize to you here is that you should not depend on martial arts for your economy and on it. Fighting should not be a 100% business.
You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. You can use martial arts and the discipline, effort and self-confidence that come with it. Otherwise, if your economic situation collapses during the current epidemic, you will be a failure as a martial artist. It creates negative thoughts about this art and its study in the society. Therefore, you must maintain self-discipline for your economic position as well. In Japan, too, teachers teach martial arts in the mornings and adjust their economic status by pursuing careers such as taxi driving in the evenings or higher. If you go about maintaining your economy through martial arts, you are likely to do harm to martial arts and its dignity, knowingly or unknowingly. Thus, I mentioned above the code of ethics in the martial arts we all know (Rei – Gi – Etiquettes), in addition to the opportunities in Do Jo, in front of teachers, in training, in uniforms, in the use of equipment. Summarize the self-disciplinary points I have mentioned here

  • Food and drink,
  • Sleep
  • Health ,
  • Accidents
  • How to behave in society
  • Their educational activities and
  • Your professional position
  • Economic stability
    This article is simply a collection of experiences I have gained from my teachers as a successful person, professional, martial arts instructor and trainer for the future of martial arts students.
    Finally I will end my note with this sentence.
    “A good battle plan that you act on today can be better than a perfect one tomorrow.” ~ General George S. Patton
    Thank you!

Thushara Ratnayake
Founder and Chief Advisor
Total Extreme Budo Academy