Founder & Head Instructor’s Profile

Sensei Thushara W.K. Ratnayake
Founder  & Head Instructor of Total Extreme Budo Academy
With 33 years of Martial art training in various Martial arts

Sensei (Instructor)  Ratnayake is a highly qualified Martial Arts Instructor who has been involved in the arts since 1988. He has studied Shotokan Karate under Shihan Vinsent Fernando,D.L. Agalawatta and T.C Lokuge, ShitoRyu Karate under Shihan Clement De Soysa and GojuRyu Karate under Hansih Akiyo Takahashi .Apart from that , he is involving  in   Judo, Kyusho Jitsu under Shihan Zsolt Szenasi  (Pressure Points Attacks), TaeBo (Physical fitness and cardio exercises ) , Kapap Krav Maga (Isreal Kapap Krav Maga Federation) under Major Avi Nardia and Master Daltna Yang , Kyudo and Kendo under Sensei Kirthi Weckramasigne and Brazilain Jiu-Jitsu under Prof. Avi Nardia and Prof John Machado . He currently holds the ranks of: 6th  Degree Black Belt in ShotoKan Karate, 1st Degree Black Belt in ShitoRyu , 3rd Degree Black Belt in Krav Maga , Kapap , 1st Degree Black Belt in Korea Traditional Martial Art and a Level 1  in European Kyusho Jitsu , Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He holds a Shidoin  (Instructor  License) in Karate . Shidoin Thushara Ratnayake is the Founder and Head instructor of the Total Extreme Budo Academy(TEBA). In addition he also serves a service as karate instructor of Prince of Wales College.Also holding a Karate Instructor license issued and certified by National Sport Science Institute and Sri Lanka School Karate-Do Fedearion with approval of Ministry of Education and Ministy of Sports  Sri Lanka .


Thushara Wasantha Kumara Ratnayake


Black Belt 7th Dan (Kiyoshi) – Sri Lanka Karate-Do Federation (Natioanl Body of Sri Lanka karate under Ministry of Sports )

Black Belt 6th  Dan    – Shotokan –Japan Shotokan Karate Association ( JSKA) , Japan
Black Belt 5th  Dan    – Shotokan –Japan Karate-Do Hakuakai, Japan
Black Belt 5th Degree – Koryu Jujitsu Federation , Netherlands
Black Belt 3rd Dan – Krav Maga  , Kapap ,Krav Maga , Israel
Black Belt 1st Dan – Korean Traditional Martial Arts
1st Level – International Certified KAPAP Instructor under KAPAP Federation , Israel
1st Level EKA – Kyusho – European Kyusho Academy , Hungray
1st Kyu Kyudo/Kendo – Japanese Archery & Japanese Swordsmanship (Budo Culture Training and Research Institute)
Purple Belt  – Brazilian Jujitsu , ICON Jiu-Jitsu , Romania 

Chief Instructor & Examiner : Approved by Sri Lanka Karate-Do Federation , National Body of Sri Lanka Karate .(SLKF/AFF/J-35) 
Instructor :  Hakua-kai Karate
Karate Instructor : Sri Lanka School’s Karate-Do Association : Approved by Ministry of Education
Serial No : 13/014
Karate Instructor : National Sports Science Institute , Sri Lanka (Reg No: CAP/KT/399)
Certified International KAPAP Instructor under KAPAP Federation , Israel under Major Avi Nardia ( Israel Defense Force – YAMAM )


Karate , Kapap Krav Maga (Fitness and Self Defense System from Israel Special Forces ) , Brazilian Jujitsu and Mixed Martial Arts


Total Extreme Budo Academy
No . 457 , 3rd Floor
Gale Road
Sri Lanka


Japan Karate Do Hakua-Kai  – Japan
Sri Lanka Karate-Do Federation – National Body of Sri Lanka Karate
Sri Lanka School Karate-Do Federation
Koryu Jujitsu Federation – Ntherlands
Ana Combtitives and Prof Jhon Machado BJJ – Israel and Brazil
Zsenasi Martial Arts(Smart Sports System) – Hungary
European Kyusho Academy – Hungary


Founder & Head Instructor of Total Extreme Budo Academy
Representative and Assistant Chief Instructor  of Hakua-kai karate Sri lanka Branch
Representative of European Kyusho Academy Sri Lanka Branch
Representative of Korean Kapa Krav Maga , Sri Lanka branch
Representative of Smart Shito World Federation Sri Lanka Branch
Representative of Brazilain Jiu-Jitsu , Sri Lanka branch under Prof Avi Nardia and R.C.J. Machado


Master of Science  in Information Technology – Keele University ,United Kingdom (2009)


Founder & Chief Executive Officer – Benricodes Private Limited (

XIBMer  – IBM  World Trade Corporation (

  • Representative  Hakua-Kai karate Sri Lanka Branch – Since 2011
  • Instructor of Prince of Wales College karate Team – Since 1996
  • Founder / Head Instructor, Total Extreme Budo Academy  (TEBA – )  -Since 2017



Name in Full : Thushara Wasantha Kumara Ratnayake

Date Of Birth  : 1977 May 4th

Marital Status : Married

School Attended : Price Of Wales College ,Moratuwa

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Contact No            : Mobile – 0772442273 | 0768855446

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Founder & CEO : Benricodes Private Limited 
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Masters of Science ( IT ) , Keele University , United Kingdom