Homemade low-cost standalone punching man for Sports Karate (kumite) training

Homemade low-cost standalone punching man for Sports Karate (kumite) training
What you need
• Used wheel barrow Wheel
• 2×2 box bar, 1.5 feet long
• Broom Stick
• Empty 1-liter mega soft drink bottle
• Used sock
• Duct tape or rubber bands
• Panel pin or nail to fix bottle into broom stick
• Paint bottle and brush if required to paint the wheel and the box bar

2’x2′ Box bar weld with Wheel barrow wheel

Covered with sock

Soft Drink Mega bottle fix with broom stick

Covered with sock and tight up with rubber band

Here is your Training partner


Steps to make it
1. Fix (Weld) the box bar on top of the wheel barrow wheel as it shows in the image
2. Insert broom stick into bottle and on the top fix the bottle with broom stick with panel pin or nail
3. Cover the bottle with sock and tight it with rubber band or duct tape and put it into box bar,

2×2 box bar fixed to the wheel barrow wheel

Broom stick fix to the mega bottle and cover with used socks

Here is your training partner 😊

You’re done ..
Now your karate kids can try out their favorite karate competition combos with this.
• Kizami Zuki
• Kizami + Ura Mawashi Geri
• Giyaku zuki + lead leg jodan Mawashi Geri
• Jodan Giyaku Zuki
• Switch legs Jodan oi Zuki ….etc
by adding another bottle into middle level you can train middle level technique ( Chudan Zuki , Chudan Mawashi Geri ) as well ..

Training with Your training partner 

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Enjoy you training ..